Carpet Cleaning

Beverly Hills Carpet Cleaners

For over a decade we have served Los Angeles with cleaning and sanitizing tens of thousands of carpets. Carpets have and still are an extremely common floor surface that periodically needs to be cleaned after years of high volume traffic and the occassional spill.

The Process

Beverly Hills Carpet Cleaners uses portable hot-water extraction machines. This method of cleaning is widely known as "steam-cleaning." This is the most popular method and is generally recommended by all carpet cleaners. Once our carpet cleaning technician arrives to your house, qualifies your carpet and determines pricing, he will begin the cleaning process. After preconditioning the carpet and letting it dwell, we begin the actual process by pushing hot water diluted with deodorizer into your carpet and simultaneously pumping it out with a two and three-stage vacuum. That's it, it's that simple. Afterwards your technician will notify you and advise you on dry time.

Non-toxic & Organic

Beverly Hills Carpet Cleaners uses the finest environmental-friendly cleaning agents, on the market. We are dedicated to helping you keep your home free of pet hair, dust mites, and other harmful allergens that live in your carpet, rugs and upholstery. We use ecofriendly cleaning products for your health and wellbeing. Beverly Hills Carpet Cleaners guarantees complete professional care for all of your carpet, rug and upholstery needs. Our top of the line product, made in the USA, will keep your carpet, rugs and upholstery cleaner much longer than a basic powder solution.

Residential & Commercial

In addition to residential carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning, Beverly Hills Carpet Cleaners provides commercial carpet cleaning services to preserve the bright appearance, color and lifespan of your carpet.