Hardwood Floor Cleaning

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The Deep Clean

Beverly Hills Carpet Cleaners provides professional hardwood floor deep cleaning to residents in Los Angeles for affordable prices. Although we clean carpets, hardwood floor is becoming more common in all types of dwellings. Although a hard surface is easier to clean with a mop and broom, a simple sweep isn’t enough to eliminate the dirt and grime that is trapped deep inside the wood. As long as people walk on your floor, or any type of flooring surface in general, particles will continue to sneak through the cracks. Every so often a deep clean is needed to extract those hard to reach particles and give it a good-as-new look.

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See The Shine

We don't just clean the surface of your floor, we absolutely eliminate everything hidden in the cracks. Our state of the art hardware will make sure to dig deep into your surface and eliminate any bacteria. This is done by our professional tools that are dustless, odorless, & non-toxic. We provide the highest quality cleaning available by removing scratches, wear, & discoloration so it looks brand new down to the last detail. This way you can enjoy bringing back the beautiful wood that was once there before. After, our technician will then apply a coat of gloss that will maintain your floor for the years to come. From these protectants you can choose Satin, semi-gloss, and high-gloss. Your home’s hardwood floor will look like it was just installed.